Mykonos – Dreamy streets and sun kissed beaches

Mykonos is a cluster of islands including Delos and Rhenia in the Greek Cyclades. It’s best known for its crazy parties and its white and blue towns – found in most other islands in the cyclades.

How to get there

Mykonos is well connected by ferry to the Greek mainland and other islands. Popular ferry operators include Blue Star, Hellenic Seaways and Sea Jets. It also has a small international airport that has a good connections to other european cities. Easy Jet, Vueling, British Airways and Aegan Air are some of the airlines that have flights to this island.

Getting around

ATV’S and scooters are the most popular mode of the transport on the island.  Most of the popular beaches are also accessible by bus. For €2 it is the cheapest mode of travel on the island.

Things to do


  • Paradise Beach

Paradise beach is accessible by bus from the main bus station in the town of Mykonos. Lounge chairs and umbrellas are available for rental for around €21-25. If you walk east towards Kalua Beach, you will find a few hidden spots to soak the sun and enjoy views of the sea side. The hike to Kalua is definitely worthwhile.

  • Super Paradise Beach

Super Paradise beach is to the west of Paradise Beach. Seems that the locals business had a healthy rivalry going on and decided to make his beach ‘super’.  Super paradise is great for its beach club. After 4:00 PM , be prepared to see a crazy beach party.

Other Points of interest

  • Little Venice

Little venice is a part of the town that has houses build right on the edge of the sea. In the past, it was believed to have greatly eased the delivery of goods from boats on the water’s edge

  • The Mykonos windmills

The Mykonos windmills are probably the most iconic part of the town , first seen when you enter the harbor. They were used to mill wheat a long time ago when fishing used to be the primary source of income for the island inhabitants. Their design is similar to windmills that dot the other islands in the Cyclades

Places to Eat

  • Jimmys($)

Affordable awesome greek gyros 

  • Namos Greek Tavern ($$$)

More traditional Greek seafood. Its highly recommended by locals.

  • Il forno di Gerasimo($)

This bakery was our favorite! It has everything ranging from traditional Greek pastries to home made granola. Do try the frappes (iced coffee).

Night Life/Day Clubs

  • Scandinavian Club
  • Super Paradise Beach Club

The place comes alive around 4:00 PM with people dancing on tables and the stage. Super Paradise Beach Club has no cover and reasonably priced cocktails.

  • GuapaLoca

We loved this place on Paradise Beach. The MC is fun and entertains the crowd with his quirky moves.

  • Jackie O

Jackie O is a lot calmer and classier than the other locations on Paradise Beach. It is a little pricy but a great place to enjoy cocktails with a view of the ocean.


If you are here in summer, it can get pretty warm. Carry plenty of water and sunscreen. Oh, and be prepared for the wind!!

Author: Nigel D’Souza

Nigel is the Co-founder of An engineer by profession, he loves to travel and is a avid drone enthusiast

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