Privacy 101: You Should Use a VPN


A VPN (virtual private network) is a private encrypted connection between your computer and the internet. It protects all your personal data including email, voice and application data and can be used to connect computers, routers and mobile devices. Team TakeMeThereToday got a chance to try out OVPN’s VPN services and we were amazed at the level of service and dedication of their team. OVPN cares about your privacy and security and ensures that no logs are stored on their servers. This ensures that traffic data cannot be used to identify specific users on their network.

We highly recommend OVPN’s VPN services also because of their multiple server locations and ability to connect up to four devices simultaneously!

Desktop screenshot of OVPN's client
Screenshots of OVPN’s client

Why do you need a VPN?

Public Wifi is vulnerable to eavesdropping

Internet providers like T-mobile, AT&T & Google provide free access points at Starbucks, restaurants, hotels, airport etc. While some providers have added additional steps to step up security by recommending add on security apps, most wifi endpoints are not required to be encrypted. Using public WiFi has several risks described below

  • Bad guys can spoof popular WiFi networks in public places

This has happened before at hotels, airports and cafes. Malicious actors can steal all your personal data if you connect your device to a spoofed access point.

  • Snooping devices are cheap and easy to use

Wi-Fi packets can be sniffed with simple computer software. This is especially serious if a user is connected to an un-encrypted wifi network.

Wireshark capture of wifi packets
Wireshark capture of wifi packets
  • DNS spoofing attack

Imagine a scenario where an unsuspecting user is accessing his online banking account, but a hacker can have a malicious DNS server to redirect him to a malicious page and steal his login credentials

DNS spoofing can result in attack pages getting passed off as legitimate pages for an unsuspecting user. Always look for SSL encryption
DNS spoofing can result in attack pages getting passed off as legitimate pages for an unsuspecting user. Always look for SSL encryption 

Browse the internet 100 % anonymously. Get OVPN now!

Big brother is watching what you do, most of the time

Its not a surprise but governments do have the ability to request user data from ISPs, and privacy is virtually non existent after the patriot act. Leaks by government contractors have only supported this theory.

Torrent me not

Especially if you are on p2p networks and download torrents, you could get into big trouble for downloading pirated content. Piracy laws in western countries are very strict. Digital trend’s website estimates that over 35000 individuals are convicted alone for software/media piracy in the US alone.
Downloading torrents is especially risky on any network without a VPN

Downloading torrents is especially risky on any network without a VPN

Websites blocked by governments

In many countries, like China, western websites are blocked by the government. Sites like Instagram, google and Facebook are not available in China. is blocked in China is blocked in China

Get cheaper air tickets while traveling locally in a country

In some countries airlines offer cheaper deals in their home countries. For example to book a flight to travel within Peru, airlines charge at least 20-30% less if your ip addresses is located within Peru.

Stream your favorite Netflix shows on the go

Though Netflix has expanded its availability in several countries, content is still restricted in different regions due to contracts and copyright restrictions. A VPN with a server in your home country will allow you to watch all your favorite shows on the go without any content restrictions.

Setting up OVPN is easy

Get started with on Windows, OS X and Ubuntu

Their VPN desktop client is available for Windows, OS X, Ubuntu and couldn’t be simpler to install: 
1. Download the installer file
2. Run the installer and choose installation directory
3. Start the OVPN desktop application and login with your account 

OVPN  is also available for iPhone, iPad and Android

OVPN also offers installing VPN on your phone or iPad. Simply follow their instructive guides here for the system you wish to install for:

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