Traveling to make a difference – Teaching English Overseas

Team TakeMeThereToday is proud to introduce Chloë of APenAndAPassport who is currently teaching English overseas in South Korea. Chloë was working as a screenwriter and live-in nanny in Los Angeles when she decided to quit her jobs, sell her belongings and travel. Growing antsy with the predictability of everyday life, Chloë planned her next adventure overseas. So far she has […]

Jobs that satisfy your thirst for wanderlust – (Part IV)

As the fourth installment of our series, TakeMeThereToday is proud to introduce Jojo Aquino, the founder of Traveling Petite Girl, a blog for creative-minded female travelers. She is an incredible photographer and is a social media strategist who is in the process of building her own social media management empire, Piña Social Media. So far […]

Jobs that satisfy your thirst for wanderlust – (Part III)

If our previous interviews haven’t yet inspired you to pack your bags and jet-set to your next destination, we hope that our latest post leaves you yearning for wanderlust. Team TakeMeThereToday is thrilled to be interviewing wonderful independent women for our travel blog series. Now, we have the pleasure to introduce Naomi Bowler. She runs […]